Oct 31, 2006

icons, idols, and incarnation.

i've been researching a paper for my Christian Thought and Culture class on the theology of icons and the history of the iconoclastic controversy. (a time in the 8th century where a movement rose up against the use of icons in worship and began crusading against these images, destroying any icons that crossed their paths.) it's been a great exercise for me and i chose this topic because the idea of using icons in prayer and worship intrigues me. one thing that has really struck me through this process is how our conservative evangelical protestant movement has typically been so reactionary to many issues and, in turn, has thrown the baby out with the bathwater on many occasions. the iconoclastic controversy of the 8th century was fairly unfounded, and the little basis on which it was formed was through an improper understanding of the 1st Commandment, and secondly through the rise of Islam and its influence on Christianity at that time. (Muslims believes it is wrong/impossible to capture/portray the image of God...) One of the greatest cases I'm creating in my paper (although i can't take credit for it... i must give props to St. John of Damascus and St. Theodore the Studite for this) is the fact of the incarnation. The iconoclasts claim that it is impossible to portray the image of God, however with the incarnation we have just that. Christ incarnate is the very image God, portrayed to mankind... i could go on, but i'll leave it at this to simply illustrate our tendency to go "all or nothing" on many of these issues. (i know that our main reason for rejecting the use of icons in conservative protestant worship is because of the corruption that took place within the Church prior to the Reformation, but i think this once again only serves to confirm my "baby with the bathwater" thoughts...)

i guess i'm really loving the opportunity to work through this stuff and develop a biblical and historical personal theology in areas that i've never really unpacked before...

Oct 22, 2006

fun times...

noah learned how to press his face against the
window on the lid of his toy drum...
you can blame daddy for this new discovery.

playing at the beach with some friends, Joe and Isobel.

and a nice bike ride around Stanley Park on a
beautiful Saturday afternoon...

Oct 17, 2006

a few more shots...

Just a few pix from the Nitobe gardens, Museum of Anthropology, and our thanksgiving/birthday turkey! We had a wonderful week with my mom!

Oct 12, 2006

so happy grandmas here!!!!!

Walking at Kits beach.
A view of English bay.
The 43rd run down the slide.
Mittens Grandma made me!
Snuggle time.

Building Lego with Daddy.

A prayer...

“Lord, I do not attempt to comprehend your sublimity, because my intellect is not at all equal to such a task. But I yearn to understand some measure of your truth, which my heart believes and loves. For I do not seek to understand in order to believe, but I believe in order to understand.” (Anselm, Pros logion)

Oct 11, 2006

Big Week...

> lydia's mom comes today for a week... we'll be doing some catching up and a bit of sightseeing too...

> miroslav volf is at Regent this week... we'll be sure to take in a session... after all, it's free.

> lydia turns 27 on Friday... we're going to paint the town red on Thursday night to celebrate.

> the vancouver-regional annual nicholson family thanksgiving dinner will be held this Friday. (lydia worked last weekend... it'll be our first attempt at cooking a turkey...)

looks like a good week lies ahead.

Oct 7, 2006

johnny cash

i was just listening to some johnny cash while playing legos with noah and i got thinking about the video for his cover of Nine Inch Nails' song "Hurt". What an amazingly raw reflection on his life as he neared the end of it...

(it made me think of the discussion happening here on Phil's blog about art. Lian made a comment that "All the art that has most moved me to change - that has effectively shown me a mirror of myself - has been the art that exposes the artist rather than justify, exonerate, veil him." I think this is a perfect example of an artist doing just that.

higher education.

What we have learned so far...

1) a nude beach isn't what you would think. i expected to see nude sunbathers... not so. it is used more for hiking than tanning, which makes for awkward encounters walking by people wearing nothing but a backpack and a pair of hikers. we haven't been to that beach since the first week.

2) Vancouver has an all-reggae radio station.

3) Stay away from E. Hastings near China town. we walked down a block of sidewalk where we were clearly walking through the living room of about 50 junkies and homeless people. oops.

4) They say it rains here, but i don't believe it... yet.

5) When biking to the beach, if you're enjoying coasting downhill for 10 minutes straight... remember that gravity will get its revenge on the way back. (from now on we will drive our bikes to the beach, go for a ride, and then drive back.)

6) Pedestrians and buses are worshipped here. All others must yield to the greatness of buses and walkers... every 100 metres it seems is a pedestrian crosswalk and you have the power to bring traffic to a dead halt just by stepping out on the street.

Oct 5, 2006

time for a good old fashioned vote.

Seasons change. So do styles. So does facial hair.
so it's time for a vote, of course.

Which of the following Aarons is the most appropriate?
(or least nauseating, if you will.)

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost. "
John Quincy Adams

Oct 3, 2006

yippeeee!.... we're coming home

we are so excited that it has worked out for us to come home for Christmas!
we will be in Sarnia Dec.22- Jan.4! yippee... a white Christmas after all!