Jan 22, 2007


after struggling with exactly what we should be doing in light of our friend's prognosis, we've finally settled (although we're anything but settled) with our plans to go back to Sarnia to be with our friends and stand alongside Jen and Clarence as they walk through this. we know this is a good thing, we know we will not regret it, yet we are not at all excited about the circumstances in which we are returning.

please pray that God's peace would be real in this situation for Jen and Clarence.
pray that God's mercy would be evident.
and, if you are so bold, pray that the God of hope would miraculously heal Clarence in his final days.

we will be in Sarnia on Wednesday evening until the following Wednesday.

Lord, have mercy on us all.

Jan 19, 2007

St. Jude, the Patron Saint of Hopeless Situations.
Our good friend has been given just a few weeks to live. Cancer is slowly taking his life and has completely taken control of his 31 year old body. For almost a year now we've prayed, cried, and wrestled over this. At this point I'm wondering, "What's the difference between living by faith and living in naivety?" and "What's the difference between living in hope and living in denial?" And after months of passionate and heartfelt prayers all I can pray now is, "Where did you go?"

God, have mercy.

Jan 11, 2007

soundtrack of life

i stole this from a friend's blog, did it out of curiousity, and was frightened at how fitting some of the songs were, and therefore decided to share it with y'all.

here's what you do:
- open itunes, put it on shuffle, answer the first question with the song that comes up, and fast forward to the next track for the answer to the next question, etc.

do it.
put it on your blog for all of us to enjoy.

1. Opening Credits: To Hell With the Devil - Stryper

2. Waking Up: Meet Me in the Morning – Bob Dylan

3. First Day At School: Gone – Jack Johnson

4.Falling In Love: Happy Happy Oh – Devendra Banhart

5.Fight Song: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing – Jack Johnson

6.Breaking up: Ordinary Day – Great Big Sea

7. Prom: I.C.B. - New Order

8. Life: Love is Blindness – U2

9. Mental Breakdown: Viva – Jesse Cook

10. Driving: Undivided Self – Sufjan Stevens

11. Flashback: Its Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door- UnderOath

12. Getting back together: Packing Blankets - Eels

13. Losing your virginity: She’s Hearing Voices – Bloc Party

14. Wedding: Human – Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

15. Birth of Child : Giant Steps – John Coltrane

16. Final Battle: Baby, I’m in the Mood forYou – Bob Dylan

17. Funeral Song: Clocks - Coldplay

18. End Credits: The Late Greats - Wilco

no word of a lie, these are the songs that came up.

Jan 6, 2007

christmas fun and summer plans

We spent almost 2 weeks in sarnia with family and friends. It was a busy time, but it was great to catch up with everyone after 4 months in Vancouver. Here's a little highlight of all that we did:

Bruce hosted a great party for all of us to get together again over some Pad Thai and Nintendo Wii... good times were had by all!

Noah enjoyed singing "Glooooooooooooo-ria"... his favourite Christmas carol.

Noah went on his first plane ride!

And we did our best to convince people from Sarnia to come and visit Vancouver in July 2007.