Aug 30, 2006

for all you bargain shoppers and swappers...

maybe i'm the last one to find out about this, but in case you don't know about it-- i was just introduced to the Freecycle Network... a local egroup you can sign up for to swap stuff with other people who are looking to get rid of the stuff. the only catch is that everything must be absolutely free... so if you have something to post, or are looking for something... it may be a good resource to tap into. there are almost 600 people on Sarnia's Freecycle and i plan on tapping into the Vancouver one. check out the site for your local one... and enjoy!

Aug 29, 2006

New Baby!

Congratulations Jesse, Tawyna and Jacob! Olivia was born August 28, 2006!!!
So so excited to meet our new lil niece soon!

Having a hay day in Alberta!!!

Aug 24, 2006

the lovely Bismarck, North Dakota...

just a quick update from the road...
we've stayed a night in Ludington, Michigan... taken the ferry across lake Michigan, stayed in St. Paul, Minnesota, and now stopped over at Bismarck for the night. i think this is one of the biggest cities in North Dakota, but Lydia and I took the driving tour of the entire city in about 5 minutes...

noah is doing SO well on the drive... we did a 6 hour day yesterday and he was quite content the whole time. so, as a reward, we allowed him to walk through the hotel in nothing but his underwear.

(just kidding... we were actually on the way to the pool, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.)

and now it's off to Regina, Saskatchewan for the night...

Aug 19, 2006

busy bees!

just wanted to say sorry for the lack of content on our blog lately!
we have been busy, busy... and to my credit, i have been on dial up internet (yes it still exists) which makes downloading pictures a big commitment
... but, stay tuned.
we have great intentions of becoming faithful bloggers... pictures included... in the near future as we enter the world of high speed.
also... the run down of the next while
Aug. 21- on the road to...
Ludington, MI
St. Pauls, MN
Bismarck, ND
Regina, SK
Medicine Hat, AB
Calgary, AB (for 5 nights to see the Walkers!!!!!!! and friends)
Kamloops, BC
Sept 1 - arrive in vancouver!
we no longer have the cell (church phone) but email us to be in touch!

Aug 11, 2006

feeling the feather flow...

Although short lived, i did enjoy feeling out the mullet.... so much so i broke into a metalica ballad! (okay maybe not... but man would that have been fun).

Two years ago...

Celebratory Bookends
by Penn Kemp
August 21, 2004
My brother's son was born
days before my father died.

Before, thank heavens, because
grandfather/ child are so alike I
might have come to believe
in instant rebirth.

Twenty-one years later, this
same son is married
near the eye of Florida

hurricane, two days after
his other grandfather slipped

Marriage followed by
funeral. But in the eyes
of this Christian family,

marriage followed by
heavenly marriage

where the grandfather
passes on home
is recieved as Bride

walking hand in hand
with his Lord, leaving
his widow behind.

So many forms of union.

Happy Anniversary Jonathan and Stephanie!
Remembering your warm hugs and love Grandpa!